Angela Fabbri

@Fabbriology Full time artist obsessed w/color & the blockchain • Hand Painted NFT Jackets • Fine Art • Music & travel feed my soul • Art Basel 2022 • DM for commissions

SoulCurryArt | Ishita Banerjee

@soulcurryart Modern Cubist, Abstract Expressionist & NFT artist | @admit0001 | MAYC #17382 #1771 |


@ByFlian 🎭🌿1/1 Neocubism Artist. ⟠Foundation: ◎FormFunction: || 🖼️ Artist of @Art2actofficial @UNSTCollective

Ezra Igor

@ezraigor👑 ordinary human being irl 👉 digital abstract artist in web3. #Krazi (Sold Out)


@dhjs_0010 illustrator

Nate Igor Smith

@drivenbyboredom Photographer.


@FARRAHXYZ ᴀʀᴛɪsᴛ ➕ᴀᴛʜʟᴇᴛᴇ • ᴅɪɢɪᴛᴀʟ | ᴀɪ ᴀʀᴛɪsᴛ • ʙ&ᴡ ᴘʜᴏᴛᴏɢʀᴀᴘʜᴇʀ • ᴜʟᴛʀᴀᴍᴀʀᴀᴛʜᴏɴᴇʀ ✨

Dario De Siena

@Dario_Desiena NFT-Artist /Painting-Artist / NFT Collector 🤟Punk #7878 / MAYC, Doodles, 0n1, Alien Frens, Degen Toonz @mindds @rasc_wtf


@deekaymotion Just an ordinary animator

8TH Project

@8thproject1 •🇫🇷French in Mexico🇲🇽 • #NFTartist • Creator of @8thwondersnftand @s1mplifynft • Portrait artist

Don Mitel

@NiftEGallery○NFT Art Curator & Collector @CowBoysDavie Curator & Advisor Consultant for NFT Artists 🧙‍♂️

Snoop Dogg

@SnoopDogg “I STILL GOT IT” mixtape OUT NOW


@FineartMfers mfer collection of 4200 meticulously drawn pieces by artist @Marlonpruz Become a true artsy Mfer and join the curation. Minting is live @

Vinnie Hager

@VinnieHager artist | @unitedtalent

Camille 姜

@camilleachiang 🎨💡✍🏻 Founder of http://WACK.WTF & | artist @e_e_eth |香港 – 美國 |

Factory Of Dreams

@FactoryofDreamz Jordan Adoni’s “Factory of Dreams” Collaborates with top artists to bring a Super Rare & exclusive Shoe collection minted on the blockchain.


@MannyLinx 📍•LA •Artist •Commissions •Murals •NFTs •Creative Director •Technical Strategist || email


@WARHODL Decentralized Pop Artist | @GettyMuseum shown | 820+ collectors | IRL @taylorgood x BAYC

Dylan Gill

@DylanGillArt Artist & NFT collector at OpenSea – and 👉🏻Known Origin.


@compusophy part reflecting whole


@PxlFighterGuild Guild Keeper for Pixel Fighter Guild- Puppet Overlord for Puppets of Mayhem- Independent game developer and the terror of imaginations. AI/Pixel Artist/Veteran


@TAYL0RWTF Digital Collectible Avatar Creator – Cryptopunk #9439 – 9x #BAYC (+1 in the burn wallet) -Buliding @JPEGLAND @3MediaXYZ – DM me at https://OMG.TAYLOR.WTF 💾


@EmsarArt Painter 🧑‍🎨 │ │ │…│ │

Tyler Foust

@TylerFoust13 Inaugural Reddit NFT artist. Creator of Foustlings x Reddit . #noodleportraits #nftartsit #foundation #tfoust #oneline

Jenifer-Art Basel

@Jeni_Pepen 🖼 Jpsjpegs.eth/Artist Wife/Collection link in bio

Sneaker Heads

@sneakerheadsoff Redefining the world of street-culture in Web3. Discord: OpenSea:

Art Fitzgerald

@KingGregree116 🍀The Great Smirk 🍀AI King 🍀Member of Lost Artist Collective @LostArtistCo




@a5ht4r Cosmic Collector. Nude Neighborhood Curated Gallery: | Banner: @EpoLabs | Avatar by @Vinogradov_art |

Emil MTO

@Emilmto Tweets by Emilmto


@visualdora 3d Visual Artist | Filmmaker | Thinker


@rickacrane Artist. NFTs & Tees. Fxhash: Objkt: FND: OS:

Marlon Pruz

@MarlonPruz muralist/illustrator/artist boi full time. @FINEARTMFERS minting now! @ Knifey collection


@Millerstration2 Colourblind nft/physical artist from the UK. using imagination and creation to create Art.#CUBISM #NFTARTIST


@Yazid Experimental Artist / Generative Art / 𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚘𝚖() /// Automatism /// fxhash

Erik Swahn

@erikswahn Architect etc.


@kreepyclub 3 good friends, 3 art styles, 1 grungy psychedelic-themed art & creative culture lifestyle brand 👀 @KREEPTURE1 @TOMORROWMAN13 @JUNKYARDLALA


@beeple design shit. 15+ years of everydays*


@tuncsuerdas Creator of 🧞‍♂️ “ Shamanic Roots ” & ” Frens of Art ” & ” Clans of #AVAX ” //// To visit the collections please click the link below.

Matti Pietari Järvinen

@mattipietar_art Artist/small collector from Finland. Making art – everything else is a waste of time. Core Member at @art2actofficial

Carlos Aquino

@CarlosMetaWorld Artist, Father, Collector and Businessman


@eNFThusiast • Artificial Intelligence Content Creator • Sagacity 365: • Doxx: @koklucinar • Discord: •

Ian Jones

@Artofianjones 47k on insta. Neo expressionist painter from Nottingham, England creating original Art and NFTs

Jillian Suzanne

@jilliansuzanneA Multidisciplinary artist|nft artist focusing on abstract African inspired art from the American experience.


@zolfaqqari Colors, Lines & Aesthetics | FND : | Objkt: | fx(hash):

Samora ‘Oibel1.’ Bazarrabusa

oibel1 VISUALIZING ENERGY🌟 Welcome to Planet Oibel, the home of hand made art and good vibrations. #ITSYOURDUTYTOSPREADLOVE

Jason Chambers

@jasonlchambers Full time artist/ “Where Abstraction Meets Cubism” Ink lover, NFT artist and collector ✨ Featured artist on @opensea

The Stoics

@TheStoicsNFT 5K NFT Art Collection by @GabrielJWeis ✨ ✨

Max Drekker

@MaxDrekker PLANETARY – First collection on ETH – Objkt- 55K Insta followers


@MERLINph Lightpainting Photographer | Photos Without processing Photoshop and other programs! 📷🔦 Creator NFTs 1/1 collection “LIGHTBORN AVATARS”

Punk Actual

A digital fine artist who nerds out on digital surrealism and music. @mojoheadsnft artist | Exhibited at #NFTNYC, #NFTLiverpool and some other cool shit.

Snowmen of Knoff

@Snowmen “Coffee drinking insomniac who should have been doing paperwork instead of this. Alas.”


@troncuties “1000 unique collectables Cuties with proof of ownership stored on TRON blockchain and IPFS. Each and every TRC721 Non-Fungible TRON Cutie was sold for 100 TRX and distributed fairly through blind auction.”

Lucky Panda

@luckypanda “Lucky Pandas NFTs are 10,000 cute little panda NFTs”

Weirder Whales

@Weirder Whales “The Weirdest whales in existence!”


@TimeNFT “TimeNFT Future Time” “ is the Merchandise platform for projects on the TRON Blockchain.”

crypto bagman

@crypto bagman “Crypto Bagman on Tron Art Gallery generate from Bagman Zero.”

love beyond galaxies

@love beyond galaxies “An artist who love to make art.”


@moonshiller “moonshiller”


@DoomsdayKyle “Broke Portland artist, trying to make a buck. Support is greatly appreciated.” “Geek Head Club is a collection of 10,000 unique modern art head NFTs – unique digital collectibles living on the Tron blockchain. Geek Head Club was born as the first fully on-chain decentralized NFT with original identities on the Tron protocol.”

Cyber Punk

@Cyber Punk “Cyber Punk”

Tom Beron

Tom Beron “Dino survived the ice age and now is time to procreate!”

Psychedelic ART

Psychedelic ART “Creating “Psychedelic ART” is a whole Psychedelic experience while working on this, I got deep down in a hallucination aura.”


@thatsmochi “Collector and Creator of One-of-a-kind Mochi Mascot Emoji #1-15! Collect these cute rare masterpieces!”


@RogueNPC “My first gif in a series , spice up that Avatar with a little Arachnophobic Psychedelia.”

Cloud labs

@TCloud “A collection of 100 unigue crypto spiders, including 10 rare ones.”


@Cienfuegos_Art“A 35-year-old artist from Latin America with a passion for people and cultures – All the art on this page is original content made by me.”

Damian Firenza

@damianfirenza“Damian Firenza is a digital artist. His creations are colorful, alive, full of good vibrations. Positive art in a world that really needs it. A love of nature, animals and wild landscapes.”


Mutant & Bored Apes” As prime enthusiasts of the ultra-famous primates, we are using the basis of BAYC`s eye-catching Apes and making a unique series of 10,000 Bored Ape NFTs on the Tron blockchain.”

Tronmeebits “”


tApes “TronApes is the only originally made generative project on Tron, with each TronApe having unique characteristics and traits that are made by top artists from the world.” “The cutest NFTs on Tron are now ready for minting. Discover our original collection and give some kittens a new home. Meow!” “First NFT based Play-to-Earn game in Tron Network. Mint a Cuki and start to earn. Improve her skills, collect gems, find other resources, breed new baby Cukies…, there are several ways to earn in!”


CryptoBroski’s “Whats’s up broski’s? “

the begginings

the begginings “One”


White “Tron NFT”

Order of the Boot

OrderoftheBoot“We will create 10,000 unique NFT’s for the Brotherhood Collection”


Seincreator “Mindreader”

pixel koalas

pixel koalas “pixel koalas”


AtillaNFT“Tron NFT Collection Creator and Collector*** Fully original NFT Art work on Tron Blockchain & UNM contract*** All Collections are special , personal , Rare and unique NFT that minted on UNM contract for first time. *** All NFTs minted only one time, that Means , every NFT is 1 of 1, Guaranteed !*** Best […]


KUKU“Artist, Designer, Photographer, Crypto Enthusiast”

Mike Quinn

Mike Quinn“Mike Quinn’s lifelong fascination with animals is reflected in his artwork world of whimsical creatures and “Fish with Attitude”. Join him as he adapts his visual creations for the digital world through NFT’s.”

Scott Waring

Scott Waring “I am SSDD on the street, but I am also a world famous UFO researcher thats been in Time (2015), New Scientist, CNN and thousands of other news sites. Google “Scott Waring, UFO” under news tab to check on me.”

Dizzy Jay & Tronnetwork

Dizzy Jay & Tronnetwork is the Merchandise platform for projects on the TRON Blockchain


andynorth Andy North is a Norway based artist who has worked in the music and entertainment industry all his life. Life is about creating. Whether it’s music or Art, or both. Live, feel, see, enjoy


AlexBit AlexBit


DazedDonkey“Creating the DazedDonkey Collection Donkey by Donkey”


Myab “Myab”


PieNFT “Sweet life”


@NOLEVIPCreations NFTs created by NOLE community for expressing creativity and philanthropy.


@kimerolo kimerolo

Wes Henry

Wes | SOLD OUT. Exposed 7/7. 🙏 @WesHenryArtDigital Fine Artist. NFTs and Prints: || Co-creator of @degeneracyNFT || Collabs: Snoop, Busta, Logan Paul, Val Kilmer, D. Chopra


@sabet Iranian-American #NFT Artist / Creator of @tokyopunksnft + @pixopop + @uglykitties1 + @healingcodesnft :: SABET discord :

Jesse Doyle

@JesseDoyle2385 Full-Time Artist – Visionary Cubism NFT’s and Free-Flow Expressionist Painter. ☯️ Father and U.S. Marine Veteran.💙

Gabriel Weis

Founder of The Stoics by Gabe Weis @thestoicsnft, Founder of Conscious Lines on Avalanche 🔺 @consciouslines

The Toasty Poet

@thetoastypoet independent #NFTartist #painter #designer #local #creative #brewer of #beer #collector of #nfts #nftcommunity #web3 #thestoics

Eddie Gangland

#NFTArtist & #StreetArtist 🌟 Featured in @RollingStone & @VogueMagazine 👾 Gangland.eth


@fox555 “FOX Triple five is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated Fox NFTs on the TRON blockchain. The 10,000 FOX555 create our community known as The Skulk. Our Fox555 are dashing, charming, amusing, and a little angry.”


@JayEasty“all original fanart edited by me. always 1of1. Mostly freestyled. Thank u for stopping by!”


@NFTCollectorNFT Collector


@RoseToTheMoon“I am here for fun, I love crypto and art!”


@Tpunk5880“A groovy collection offered by the King of NFT’s, #5880”


@CTTCGCrypto Twitter Trading Card Game


@ZillionLifeNFT Community driven initiative to connect local artists to the world of NFTs



Line Art

@Collector “Floral design is the art of using plant material and flowers design generated by colored lines to create an eye-catching and balanced composition or display. Evidence of refined floristry is found as far back as the culture of ancient Egypt.”


@GeekHead “Geek Head Club is a collection of 10,000 unique modern art head NFTs

Audius Hitgirls

@audius_hitgirls Audius Hitgirls is an original NFT project on the TRON blockchain


MoelleArt Digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Buy, sell, and discover exclusive digital assets.


Devikins Digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Buy, sell, and discover exclusive digital assets.

Art Man

@Mangust 3D original NFT in the tron network from an independent artist and 3d designer.

Florist NFT

@florist Floral animation NFTs.


@vatroob 20 y.o. music producer from Ukraine


@akiroq Take time in stillness. Take time to reach within. Connect. Be. ASD-L2

Alena Fomina

@kersoness 20 y.o. visual artist from Russia Creator of «‎Audius Hitgirls» col.